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For all Veith socks and stockings, please follow these washing and cleaning tips:

Merino wool

Why is some wool scratchy and some isn’t? The unpleasant sensation on our skin derives from tiny fibres that stick out. On the positive side, those fibres keep a certain space  between skin and textile thus increasing the air cushion that keeps us warm.

Wool stores a lot of air between its fibres. Actually up to 85% of the total volume of a woolen product is air which is why wool offers perfect temperature management: It either warms or cools down and feels comfortable over a wide temperature range. Wool fibres also suck up water inside whereas the surface containing lanolin acts water repellent. Consequently wool absorbs approximately 33% of its dry net weight without feeling moist.

As it does not get electrostatically charged, wool hardly attracts dust or dirt. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool regulates perspiration and keeps unpleasant odour away.

Boiled wool is naturally wind resistant and water repellent. 
Woolen cloth which is treated in warm water with curd soap, friction and pressure, turns more densly and approximately 40% smaller.

(Little wool guide with kind permission of Lauche & Maas) 

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